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Dr. Cyndi Romine

Founder and President

Dr. Cyndi Romine is recognized internationally as one of the leading authorities regarding children who are missing, have been abused or trafficked. She also provides active solutions for rescuing victims of this injustice. She has been described as a woman who is willing to crisscross the globe to answer the call of her passion regardless of personal cost. She’s weathered typhoons, navigated floods and stood boldly in the midst of terrorism.

Cyndi began laboring for this cause in 1988. She has worked with the starving masses huddled in the trenches but has also worked alongside the dignitaries and heads of state in Manila, Nigeria, Burma, Guatemala, Panama and North America. She has helped train national police forces and worked hand-in-hand with International intelligence law enforcement agencies regarding prevention, rescues and rehabilitation. Cyndi has spoken to over 500,000 people in over 10 continents spreading awareness, education, teaching self defense and advocating solutions regarding human trafficking.

Cyndi is founder of Called To Rescue in the USA, the Philippines, and Guatemala. Called To Rescue is also supporting children in Mexico and Burma while targeting many other nations.

Using her natural enthusiasm, gifts of exhortation and excellent speaking skills, Cyndi impacts the hearts of her listeners. Her perspectives on life’s challenges are filled with reality and truth. Her genuine love for people, and especially these children, motivates many. Cyndi’s speaking is motivated by passion, filled with conviction, extremely productive, and highly effective.

Why this passion that grips my life?

The steam rose from the lush growth of the tropical rain forest as it covered and cooled us; we started up the center of the river heading towards the falls.

As I glanced to my right, toward the shore, I saw a white man pay a man and woman for the “use” of a 3 year old baby girl. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Could this be happening right in front of my eyes? I was stunned. Shocked. Sickened. We were too far away. I cried. I lost my lunch over the side of the canoe, as we watched him rape his little girl.

My life focus, as of that moment, and my destiny was forever and always changed from that moment on.

Statistics today show us that this problem of sex trafficking and victimization is growing exponentially fast and our work will continue to be a life’s work. – Dr. Cyndi Romine

Mila Romine

Vice President

In 1997, Mila joined CTR serving as the International Communications Director and Accountant. Her duties include overseeing finances, communications and office management. Mila is also the financial advisor to CTR’s Boards Internationally.

Bryan Gallinger

International Marketing Director

Bryan began volunteering for CTR in 2011 as a marketing advisor for the Philippines and US but in January of 2016, he took over as the Marketing Director internationally. He assists with raising funds and awareness via producing events and leveraging multimedia.

Dani Romine

Social Media

In 2012, Dani started assisting CTR with social media as a volunteer.

Dairn Woodman

Office Administration

In 2013, Dairn started assisting CTR doing secretarial work as a volunteer.

Caryn Wenrich


In 2013, Caryn started assisting CTR doing administrative work as a volunteer.

Chris Martin


In 2011, Chris joined CTR as the official webmaster, overseeing all of the websites.


Anthony Pangilinan

Officer in Charge



Ricky Librando

Educator / Speaker


Task Force

Board Members


Cyndi Romine


Joan Anderson


Mila Romine

Vice President

Caryn Wenrich


Dani Romine



Anthony Pangilinan

Officer in Charge

Dr. Cynthia Romine


Milagros Romine

Vice President

Pablos de Borja

Secretary / Treasurer



Vivica A. Fox

Miguel Nunez Jr.

Britnee Kellogg

Rod Black


Jericho Rosales

Lea Salonga

RJ Dela Fuente

Miriam Quiamboa

Brennan Espartinez

Gary V

Roxanne Barcelo

Karen Davila

Peter Kairus

Vicky Morales

Kuh Ledesma

Maricel Pangilinan


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