Defending The Defenseless



Called To Rescue is a nonprofit organization that helps rescue children who are missing, have been abused or trafficked. Called To Rescue also leads an awareness and prevention campaign to advocate for the protection of children victimized by abuse.

Called To Rescue is committed to:

Our Mission

To be on watch 24/7 for missing and abused children. To educate people on trafficking, the ways children are taken, and how to get children back into safety. To help establish Civilian Task Forces in every state and metropolitan area in the United States and Internationally. To work and network with all organizations, including State and Federal authorities, to find missing children. To help parents train their children on how to stay safe. To help parents know how to look for and find their missing children. To be a solid resource internationally on how to resolve problems with sex trafficking. To collaborate with organizations and safe houses Internationally that are reputable, ethical and taking good care of children.

Our Vision

A world where every child lives free from abuse, trafficking and homelessness.

Our Services

  1. Train and educate mothers and fathers
  2. Train and educate caregivers of children
  3. Train and educate children
  4. Teach children self-defense
  5. Train Civilian Task Force members so they are secure in their knowledge
  6. Collaborate with law enforcement